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Get Free Stuff For Scanning Your Purchases

Fill out the short form and click on "submit" to receive a free handheld scanner from NCP. Then use your scanner to get free stuff for scanning your purchases.

Legitimately Make Money From Home

Sign up to become a free member of to earn some extra cash and other great reward's for taking surveys and testing products.

Free Disney Vacation DVD

Register for a Free Disney Parks vacation planning DVD!

Chatabout  Giveaway

    ChatAbout is a great place to chat about anything you like and they are giving away coffee makers, foot massages, cutlery sets, and a dozen Amazon gift cards to boot! To enter just log-in and start chatting. It takes 2 clicks to log in if you already have a Facebook account and getting started chatting is just as easy.

Free Box Of Chocolate Covered Strawberries

After purchasing a Big Night Out or other participating items fill out the form and click on "Sign Up" to get a free signature box of chocolate covered strawberries.

Free Boss Nuit Fragrance Sample

  Choose your free fragrance sample, fill out the form and click on "Order Sample". The free sample choices are Boss Nuit, Boss Bottled Sport, Boss Bottled Night or Boss Bottled.

Free Perfect Diet Sample
  Click on the Facebook "Like" button, fill out and "Submit" the form to get a free 30 pill sample of Ultimate Nutrition Perfect Diet.

Free Fleur Fragrance Sample
  Fill out the form and click on "Send" to get a free sample of Fleur fragrance.

Free Tena Twist Sample

  Choose who sample is for, click on "Next", answer all the questions and click on "Next" to get a free sample of Tena Twist pads.

Free Sample Of Quit Tea

Towards the middle right of the page fill out the form and click on "Request a Free Sample" to get a free sample of Quit Tea. Quit Tea is a natural stop smoking aid.  

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